Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final PLN Report

When I first started using my Symbaloo I was not the biggest fan and never thought that I would ever love it as much as I do now! I now have it set as my homepage and use it everyday. I love how convenient Symbaloo is and how I can customize it just the way I want it. I enjoy being able to access all of the sights that I tend to visit on a daily biases. I have every intention to continue to use my Symbaloo after this semester is over!

Blog Post #13

For this assignment I have chosen to do the second choice which was to read Stephanie Banchero and Stephanie Simo article My Teacher is An App. I really enjoyed reading this article, before reading this I did not realize how many students where beginning to choose to do there complete school load from home.

In this article Stephanie discuses how many more states have now began to allow for children to participate in a curriculum where all of there schooling is done at home on the computer. I found this to be interesting because I was not aware this was an option for high school students, I have only herd of this being done at a college level. I do think that this is a great option to have for some students who may come across health issues or special situations that would prevent them from being able to attend an actual high school, but I do not think I would support this for an average student. I believe that going to school does not only help students grow and learn on a mental level but also on a social level. Students need interaction with other peers to help learn social skills to make it in the future. I do however like the idea of hybrid classes, I believe students do need to be introduced to the idea of school work being done on the computer in high school because they will see this again in collage. I believe as educators we play a bigger role then just helping our students learn materials, we help them grow and learn who they are and what they can amount to. I do not believe at 15 and 17 years old students are at a maturity level to be held fully responsible for there education along with the help of a computer source. Technology is a wonderful tool that we can do great things with but I believe at a high school level you physically need to be in a classroom with guidance to get the most out of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K #10

Mrs. Yollis' and her blog are both such an inspiration for future educators. After exploring Mrs. Yollis' blog and web sight I have an overwhelming feeling of inspiration. It is amazing how much information she is able to bring to her students from all around the world with the technology that is easily available to all educators. I really like how encouraging Mrs. Yollis' is for her parents to also participate in the use of the students blog as well as the website that also has video and games that students can aces as well. Something that I found interesting about Mrs. Yollis' is all of the places she has been able to travel to. I hope to some day be as lucky as her to be able to experience as many cultures as she has. I enjoyed going to the different links that she had posted on her blog of the places she has been. I believe continuing to learn and experience new things helps make you a better educator in many ways. Mrs. Yollis' is a great example of an educator who goes above and beyond in many ways then one but has absolutely done an amazing job at incorporating technology into her classroom. Mrs. Yollis' students will be some of the lucky students who will have a leg up in the world of technology in the future.

Progress Report on Final Project

For project 16 my group and I have been in great communication. We have not made any final decisions on what exactly we are going to be doing but have had many great ideas. We have kept in touch by email and text messaging. We plan to meet in person at the beginning of this week and get the ball rolling.

Blog Post #12

Introducing iPods into Special Education

For my assignment I really wanted to find away to focus on the special education department. Throughout the semester we have talked about many different ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, but not about specifically a special needs classroom. After watching a few videos I found one that talks about the use of iPods in a special needs class. My assignment would be to watch the video Introducing iPods into Special Education and then wright one or two paragraphs about this video.

Before watching this video I would have had no idea how an iPod could be used in a regular classroom more less a special needs class. I think it is amazing how far this class has come since first getting the iPods for there classroom. They have really put there minds together to go above and beyond for the students. I think it is a great idea to make videos of books, vocabulary words, and other resources that the students can bring home. This not only allows for the students to continue to keep learning the materials at home but also allows for the parents to participate in the same materials there child is going over in the classroom at home. I also think that it was a great idea to use the iPod to help the student gain a better understanding of the procedure he was going to be having on his eye. This semester I have learned so many different ways technology can be used in a classroom but this video goes to show that the limits are endless technology can be used in any class.

Project 14

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential

In Ms. Cassidy's video Little Kids Big Potential I was absolutely impressed with her students. I was amazed to see how well the students could navigate on the computer. I know throughout this semester we have been concentrating on the use of technology in the classroom, but I still find it shocking that students are now so comfortable with technology at such a young age. I do however think that it is great that students in only the first grade are being introduced to the world of technology. Students in Ms. Cassidy's class are going to have an upper hand to students who are unfortunately not be encourager to dive in to technology.

Ms. Cassidy's uses many forms of technology in her class room. Before EDM310 I had not put much thought into what forms of technology I planed on using in my classroom. Now there is not doubt in my mind that I will have a class blog. Through the class blog there are so many more deferent forms of technology that can be used. The students in Ms. Cassidy's class seemed to really love the class blog, I believe it is a great way to help the students with writing and spelling not to mention they are also starting to building typing skills. I think that Ms. Cassidy's is concerned with her students safety and has specific guide lines that she conforms to. She has been very lucky in the fact that she has not had any issues with parents not fully supporting her use of technology in the classroom. I could see how some parents might find this a little scary because the use of technology is so new to so many people.

Before watching this video I would have thought the idea of using a DS in the classroom would possibly be distracting to the students. Now I see that it is another great way to get the students excited and interested in learning. Twitter is also another tool that I would have in the past not understood why it is an important tool for teachers to have. Though a first grade student may not use it in the classroom, it is a great way for teachers to connect and share ideas. Technology is rapidly growing and being used more and more each day if we do not start educating students today they are going to be left behind.Things have changed so much since I was in grade school, and they are only going to keep changing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year

Before even beginning to read this post the image above it stood out to me. "An important decision I made this year is stay positive." Staying positive is something that does not always come easy, but I believe it is something that should always be attempted. Sometimes we just need a little reminder, just as this one that I received today.

I found this post to be inspirational. Mr. McClung put some of the details of teaching that are difficult to be taught in to words that I can understand. He explains to us that things are not going to be perfect. There are going to be times that things do not go as you had planned, when this happens make the best of it. McClung suggest to always do this with a smile on. He explains that communication is a key aspect in the work place. I believe communication is a skill that is vital in everyday life. Once a again things are not always going to go as planned there are going to be problems and we need to have the skills to communicate through those problems. McClung reminds us that we are teaching children and they are not always going to meet our expectations. Even as a young adult I do not always meet the expectations that are put in front of me. When expectations are not we should help lift the spirits of the student and encourager them for a better result in the future. McClung addresses the topic of technology and the importance of it in the classroom. Lastly McClung tells us to never stop learning. I believe this to be the most important issue that he discussed. Children are beautiful people and I hostly believe at times they can teach us more that we can teach them. As teachers and future teachers it is our job to continue to learn to apply ourselves to the best of our ability. I am very thankful that Mr. McCung was kind enough to share with us his experience of his first year of teaching.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project 10


I have decided to use Symbaloo for my PLN. I have really enjoyed spending time exploing all of the different tools Symbaloo has to offer. I enjoy being able to access all of my favorite sites so easily. I am not a pro with using Symbaloo just yet but I defiantly do plan on continuing to explore everything it has to offer. Some of the tiles I currently have are: Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Gmail, Jagmail, USA Online, Blogger, and Bancorp South.

Project 9b

Blog Post #8

 Watch Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
In this is how We Dram Parts 1 and 2 Dr. Miller made some really great points. This video is about the importance of using the resources we have available to us.  I found this video to be very motivating. This video helped remind me that keeping up with technology is possible and can take you anywhere. 
Technology has become such in important part of our everyday lives now.  In EDM310 we are using many forms of technology that I have never herd of, at the beginning of the semester this overwhelmed me but now I know that it is not a scary thing. I now know that technology can be a great tool in the classroom.  

 Learn to Change, Change to Learn
In this video Lean to Change, Change to Learn I was amazed to see how many people do not even value education and technology. After now being in EDM310 I think that the classroom needs to be kept updated with new advanced technology as it constantly changes. We as future teacher shouldn't be left behind in the classrooms. I believe that students do not need to just memorized facts but they also need to know what to do with it. I really got alot out of this video and believe that I will use the information to help benefit my future classroom.

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams 


I really loved this video, I found it to be very sad but also inspiring at the same time. I really enjoyed listening to Randy Dr.Pausch life dreams, he made many excellent points. Randy Dr.Pausch is someone that I would truly like to base my life on. He had such a great outlook on life, if you where to see him you never would think that this man has cancer and has only a few short months of life left. My favorite quote that was made in the video was "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." Throughout the video, he made many quotes that I found remarkably inspiring. Another that really stuck with me was " If you are being corrected and criticized, it is a good thing. It means you are doing something right." At first I did not quit get what Dr.Pausch meant by this, but after having a full understanding of the quot I do not think it could have been said better. Criticism of any type constructive or negative can be looked at as a great thing. If you are being criticized then your critics still believe you have potential, enough potential for them to devote there time in to you.

Dr. Pausch mentioned that we learn from students, everyday teachers are constantly learning something new from their students. Teachers will never stop learning. Dr. Pausch also tells us that we should always have fun.Dr. Dr.Pausch shared with us that through all of the ups in downs that he had gone through in his life he could still look back and laugh. This is important in life you will never make it far if you can not learn to enjoy life. Not many people are as strong as Dr.Pausch, it is an incredible thing to know you are dying and still be able to live your life to the fullest and still have fun. This is truly and inspiring thing.Dr. Pausch also shares with us that we should never lose the child-like wonder. By this he means we should never loose the child in side us. Life will never be what you want it to to be if you can not keep you child-like wonder. Finally Dr. Pausch tells us that we should help others. Helping someone can mean so much more than an individual may think. Helping someone can be as little as holding a door for someone. Dr. Pausch himself has helped me today he has truly inspired me, and reminded that each day is not guaranteed.  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Post #5

Education on the streets

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

Dr.Scott McLeod is from Ames, Iowa and is an associate Professor in the Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky.  He has received many national awards for his work in technology leadership. 

I do agree with Dr. McLeod that technology in the class room defiantly gives students a "leg up", but I can also see where it can be a little scary to some. I myself hope to incorporate technology in to my lessons as much as possible when I am in the classroom, but I have not always felt this way. Before becoming one of Dr. Strange students I was not aware of all the possibilities that technology has to offer us. If an individual is not educated on what is possible through technology then they are more than likely going to have doubts about the use of technology in the classroom. Technology is a beautiful thing that should be taken advantage of in a positive manor.

The iSchool Initiative

I was very impressed with Travis idea, however I was not sold on it. I believe he made many valid points and presented his argument in a well manor. I do believe that technology is a wonderful thing and allows for many educational opportunities that would other wise not be available. I just do not believe I am ready to relay solely on technology. I personally would not be happy if I was told that from now on all of my work would be done on an itouch. I can see where it would be a very tempting solution to help save money in the school systems. I also understand that all the resources needed in a classroom would be in the palm of your had, but I believe this should be should be a helping tool not the main recourse. I learn best by doing, writing things out. I wold find it very difficult to have no materials other then a small itouch. Again I do believe that technology defiantly belongs in the classroom and as a future educator I plan to incorporate technology into my lessons, but I also plan to incorporate traditional teaching skills as well.

world of education

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

This is a very moving video. Each week that we are in this class I am amazed by something. The places that technology can take us is unlimited. I am amazed and partly embarrassed to how blind I have been to all the possibilities available through technology. I think it is beautiful that all these people can be connected through this song from all around the world with out having to even leave there bedroom. This video has really touched me and reminds me of why I want to be a teacher. Learning never stops, you can learn something new everyday.

Teaching in the 21st Century

My favorite part about this video is the mentioning of Google. Until EDM310 I did not know the advantages of Google. All I knew is that you could look things up and that was about all I had ever used Google for. Now I know there is a whole other world out there. I also liked how the video referred to teachers as filters. I find this to be such an appropriate word. With all the technology available you can find anything on the internet ranging from history to math if you have a problem you can most likely find it on your own, but not without guidance. Technology is all around us it is apart of our everyday lives and it is now a major part of education. I am still learning what all technology has to offer, but all we can do is take risk. You can never learn if you are not willing to put your self out there and try new things.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

I found the links provided by Judy Scharf to be very helpful. After watching this post I had a better understanding of how to edit, save, and share podcasts. As a future teacher I really appreciated the Dale's presentation. In the Dale's presentation you are shown many benefits to using podcasts in the classroom. I believe that podcast are a great form of technology that can be greatly benefited from the classroom.

The Eagles' Nest Radio and Class

I found this blog to be very impressive. The Eagles' Nest Radio and Class Blog featured 3rd Grade Podcasts that were both educational and fun. I really enjoyed the music and sound effects that where added to the podcast. Watching this podcast I got a better understanding how they can help make learning a fun and memorable experience.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

In Joe Dale's video The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom he explains how podcast are an interactive form of learning. I was not aware until after watching this video that podcasting can be used for reviews a are also a great project-based learning method. Podcast are great tools to have for student who may be absent from school. With the access of a podcast students can receive information and lectures from teachers at home. As a future teacher I defiantly believe that I will take advantage of the use of podcasts.

Project 6 My Sentence

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

C4T 1 and 2

For my first two comments for teachers I was assigned the blog Synthesizing Education by Aaron Eyler. Aaron Eyler is a high school History teacher in central New Jersey.

The first post I commented on was "E-Readers: Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?". In this post Mr. Eyler discuses his concerns with future students using E-books such as the iPad in the classroom. Mr. Eyler talks of his own personal struggle to stay on task when reading or working on his iPad. He tells us that he often finds himself wondering away from his task to other sights such as twitter, or checking his email. Mr. Eyler is concerned with what will keep students interested in the the task that they are assigned too. What will futore teachers need to do to help students from wondering to facebook, twitter, game sights or shopping on ebay? Mr. Eyler's question was does this scare you?

My Response:

Hello Mr. Eyler, My name is Rachel Saucier and I am a student in Dr. Strange EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I also do not own an iPad but I can imagine how difficult it could be to stay on task when working on one. I know for myself I have trouble keeping myself from checking my email, facebook, twitter and such when I am doing assignments on my computer at home. Knowing that future students will be doing most of there work on some for of technology is a very exciting thought but also does raise some concerns. One in which is how as educators are we going to make sure our students are not only on task but also interested in what they are working on. I am not quit sure what the answers to these questions are right now, but am very interested to keep up with this to learn more!

The second post that I commented on of Mr. Eyler was "Calling All Political Junkies Who Care About Kids". In this post Mr. Eyler discuses how over a period of a few months he became incredibly interested in reading political articles and arguing with commentators on their blogs over interpretations of different issues and its effects on the youth of America. He this speaks of an idea he had to create a sight that would break down political issues that are taken place so that it could be understood by children. After disusing this idea he then ask how others feel about the idea of this sight.

My Response:

I must say that I am also one that is horrible at making a resolution and sticking to it. I am also not one to follow much that goes on in the political community. This is something that I am not proud of and is something I would like to change. I do believe your idea to make a child friendly sight on political commentary is a wonderful idea. I believe introducing students to the political community at a younger age will help prevent form having your adults like myself who are still so unfamiliar.

Project Number 5

Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Number 2 Wordle

Wordle: Untitled

Blog Post 2


Video #1
Did you Know

I found this video to be extremely interesting and full of information that I was unaware of. Watching this video at times I felt like I should be far more educated in technology and how it is being used around the world then I currently am. I found the facts stated about China and India to be remarkably interesting. I believe that my generation takes for granted all the forms of communication that have sitting at our finger tips. The fact that each day there are more text messages sent then there are people living on the planet earth blows my mind.

I was put back by the fact that the information a student learns in the first year of a four year program is already out dated by there third year. I can understand how this is possible with the rate technology is being produced, but as a student this was not something that I was happy to learn about. I also found it very interesting to see that one out of eight married couples have met online.

Video #2
Mr. Winkles Wakes

When this video first started and Mr. Winkle was in the office my first thoughts where of my grandparents generation. No, my grandparents are not a hundred years old but when they where are age they had very little technology available to them as we do now. I know that this may not be the case for everyone but I personal can say that my grandparents are not very familiar with today's modern technology. The existent of technology that my grandparents are familiar with is a cell phone, and that was really going the distance for them.

I believe this video gave a very creative way of students to understand how far technology has gone in the past hundred years. It also showed that though there has been so many advances in technology there is still places that the old school methods are being used. In this video it also shows that many offices and large corporations such as hospitals are doing wonderful things with technology everyday, but what about the school systems. Are they being given accesses to the latest technology to help enhance the educations systems?

Video #3
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

When I first saw the length of this video I honestly did not think I would enjoy it, but I will say that I was wrong. Sir Ken Robinson sends out an important information in a tactful and humorous way. I agree with Sir Ken Robinson when he says that "All children are born artist, we teach them out of it.

Students today are taught to focus on lectures, papers, test, and homework assignments. Sir Ken Robinson is not lying when saying that arts and dance are put at the bottom of the list in class rooms. One of my favorite thing that was talked about in this video was also told to me by one of my math professors this past semesters. Young children are not frightened at the fact of being wrong. Children are eager to learn and are willing to take risk. As we get older we loose this ability to throw our selves out there and take the chance of being wrong. I know that this is something that I am personal guilty of. Creativity is such a valuable tool we as future educators should be doing everything possible to keep creativity instilled in the children of our future.

Video #4
Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson

I believe for students to get the best education possible the educator must have a passion for what they are doing. If you plan to be a teacher but do not have a love for children and a passion for helping them grow into the best student possible then you are only hurting the students. I believe the creativity and enthusiasm to learn all begins with the teacher.

Video #5
Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I wish I had been lucky enough to have had Vicki Davis as my teacher when I was going through school. I find what she is doing in her class room to be wonderful. She is giving the children in her class room an upper hand in learning by allowing them to learn outside of pen and paper.

In the End of this video Vicki Davis says that she is turning school upside down and she truly is. I only wish that when I was the age of her students I had the access to the technology they are using in her class. At the age of 21 I am just now becoming familiar with some of the same tools that the children in her class are using. I can honestly say that I feel like my schooling is being turned upside down. In just these two weeks in EDM310 I have learned that there is so much more technology out there that I had no clue even existed. I find it wonderful that teachers like Ms. Davis is letting her students know what is out there and how to use it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Post #1

Hi there, My name is Rachel Rene' Saucier and I am from Biloxi, Mississippi. With the exception of moving to Mobile in the fall of 2008 to start my freshman year here at south, Biloxi has been my one and only home. I love Biloxi very much so, but do have dreams of one day living in a big city. Another dream of mine is to one day be an elementary teacher in a special education program. My mom is who I hold responsible for inspiring me to pursue my career in education, she is an amazing woman with a heart bigger then Texas who has made a wonderful teacher.

I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity and have been for the past three years. Being an AOII is something that I will always take pride in and keep close to my heart. I am also a member of the Shed BBQ Crew. I have worked at the Shed here in Mobile since the day the doors opened. I love my job and have become great friends with many of the people I work with.

After three years Mobile is now starting to feel more like home. One of my main reasons for coming to south is the fact that it only takes me an hour or so to make a trip home. I am supper close to my family and at eight-teen I was not exactly ready to be hours away from home. I have grown in many ways since first starting here at south and have enjoyed the experience. Every semester is a new chapter I am excited to see how this semester goes!

Randy Pausch on Time Management

I really enjoyed this video on time management, mostly because I am for sure an ultimate procrastinator. I think that this video was a great way to start off this semester. I know, I myself have felt more than a little overwhelmed with this class and all of the new learning techniques that we are being introduced to. In Mr. Pausch video he speaks about how it is not always about getting something done perfectly but about getting started and doing it well. This is something that I will have to keep reminding myself throughout the semester. I am guilty of over thinking assignments and trying to decided what is the exact way I should go about completing the assignment and taking days at a time to even start. I must also remember that you can not go and make changes to something or fix it if you do not ever start! For something that seems so simple, it is funny how often I loose sight of this. Another tip that Mr. Pausch spoke of in this video that I enjoyed was the to do list. I am a big fan and often use many to do list. When speaking of the to do list Mr. Pausch say's that you should always start with the most dreadful item on your list, however I believe I have been making the mistake of doing the exact opposite. Now after listing to Mr. Pausch speak about the to do list and why you would want to get the less interesting task out of the way it makes so much more since to me to why many times my list is not completed. I do believe that this video and the tips that I have taken from Mr. Pausch will come in very handy throughout this semester!